The article states the value of India in International market


written by SPARSH DIXIT

The value of India in international market has been very high since ancient days.If take a glimpse from history we’ll come to know that Indian spices had an enormous importance and acted as treasure fillers for However British policies played a major role in bringing down the markets of India by applying unwanted and detoriating policies which basically aimed at plundering our wealth and that was the biggest irony of our country.However the good news is that after independence some major steps have been taken to revive the economy of India through marketing.These include:-

Carrot stick policy:-

The major aim of this policy was to enhance export and bring down imports by stirring the importance of self reliance and self production amongst Indians.This on one hand bought down the dependence on international market and on another hand helped I’m generating revenue for our country.

Items of major exports:-

India is endowed with enormous natural resources which include textile,mineral coffee,leather, handicrafts and agricultural products including jowar,bajra,ragi,wheat and various varieties of rice.Favourable weather conditions and sharp rise in skill and technology lead to a major rise in Indian exports.

Setting up of free trade zones:-

Free trade zones were being set up by our country and basically all the products manufactured here were to be exported.This lead to the rise of merchant exporters and export houses.

Creative activities of Indian market:-

Creativity serve as essence of Indian market.Brands like patanjali have launched many products which bores natural essence of India along with creating an international reputation of India in foreign markets.Products launched by Dabur like chavanprash is being basically developed by the natural Indian products available in abundance including Amla, brahmi, haritaki, biliya and guduchi.This points towards creativity of our Indian companies as none of the exporterd material are being used in developing the items mentioned above.

Value addition

Indian companies are trying there level best to make an addition in value of products which are being developed by them.An enormous change in modern technology lead to the improvement in leather products which are being exported by us.Indians brand have a good consumer acceptance base in European as well as asian countries.
To conclude we can say that India has shifted it’s focus from Ethnocentric approach to Geocentric approach which speaks volumes about large scale expansion of Indian market and if the present trend continues then India will be a leader in global market.


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