This article on basic marketing has been written by SPARSH DIXIT

Marketing on one hand is planning, pricing and distribution of ideas while on another hand it is an art of catering the required needs of customers.One of the most important concept related to marketing is production orientation as the products are being launched after having a deep study of market and it directly leads to higher sales and helps in generating a greater revenue.
Marketing on the whole has various advantages like creating higher revenue for country, development of a country in an economic prospect,and marketing even creates employment opportunities for people.While creating a strategy for marketing one should keep the following points in mind:-

Supremacy of customers:-

It is very important in modern scenario to win the confidence of customers as they are the one’s who are finally going to use the products thus customers satisfaction plays a major role in present era.

Focus on needs:-

It’s quite important that the need of final consumer should be satisfied thus when product is under the cycle of production needs should be taken care off in a proper way.


Price plays an important role in marketing because here many factors like profit,margin of profit and cost of production are being taken care off.In the end the customer who pays the price of product should be satisfied and feel that he has paid the correct price for desired product.

Strategy adopted by competitors:-

The strategy adopted by competitors should be properly studied and a proper focus should be done to enhance the present marketing strategy of the company if required.

Place of distribution:-

Various methods should be adopted to maintain a lesser distance between place of production and the place where product is to be disposed.The lesser distance will minimise the expense of carriage outwards and it will create an additional benefit for consumer as well seller as it will minimise the cost.


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