Is The Outrage on Surf Excel FAIR or UNFAIR


Report by : Utkarsh Upadhyay

Surf Excel have launched a new ad showing a girl child helping her friend read Namaz without dirtying his clean clothes from Holi colours. Ad aims at maintaining the harmony between Hindus and Muslims of India.

I liked the ad very much, everyone did. But some people found a “Propaganda” behind this ad and they went bonkers on Sirf Excel for promoting Love Jihad. Was this outrage on Surf Excel fair? Was it really an ad with propaganda?

Let’s try to understand.

The Muslim kid in ad is shown struggling to save himself from Holi colours so that he could read Namaz with clean clothes. Why’d they portray him as someone who doesn’t wanna play Holi? I’ve seen many Muslims around me who celebrate Holi with us and enjoy as much as Hindus.

Then why can’t that Kid play Holi like other kids of colony? That’s utter nonsense. Holi is one of the biggest festivals of India, everyone celebrates it, irrespective of his/her religion, then why on the earth did they show a Muslim kid being scared of colours?

If the sole purpose of the ad was to encourage communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims then why wasn’t that Muslim Kid shown playing Holi?
Holi is basically a Hindu festival then why the hell did they drag Namaz and Masjid in it?

If that Kid is so scared of colours in Holi then wouldn’t he be scared of Blood stains during Bakreed too?
No one launches such ads or campaigns during Eid or Christmas, they only target Hindus all the time. But we’re fine, we वो won’t complain.

I may face a lot of heat for this but it is what it is.
Funny thing is that if you oppose this ad and try to present the facts, you’ll be declared Illiterate Sanghi.

Hindus are tolerant and Sickular so they won’t complain, let everyone make fun of their sentiments, troll their Gods, disrespect their ideology, abuse them or even distort the facts to declare their festivals bad, they don’t care. Ones who care would be declared either Bhakt or Sanghi.

Jay Hind!


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