The Present Rhythm… Learning to be a Stoic

By Shitiz Srivastava (Author has completed his graduation from Bhopal School of Social Sciences, and is presently pursuing PGDM from Jaipuria Institute of Management,Lucknow)

The Present Rhythm….Learning to be a Stoic

Hey people! Hope all you are doing well. But is everything well? We all know it’s not. It’s the time of crisis, a situation so grave and uncertain nobody saw coming and which has deeply disrupted the daily routine of each and every individual around the world.
The crisis being a result of a deadly virus strain with its source from controversial neighbour China, which has spread round the world and has resulted in the deaths of many with the count not stopping anytime soon till a cure in any form is found out.
As a result many in the country have been homebound with all the daily activities been conducted digitally. Moreover being homebound is fine but in the long run harmful to the overall mental health of any individual be it physically, emotionally and mentally.
Moreover the main problem attributed to the cause is the wastage of time which we all actively do engage in (knowingly or unknowingly). Morally and ethically we are not bound to waste it and build upon it constructively. But without any deep introspection we actively engage in doing and carrying out all wasteful activities.
The common man be it me too lives more in the world of fantasies rather than the reality. It’s a common phenomenon and bound to happen us being mortal beings. Moreover the unexpected crisis of Covid-19 is giving rise to such tendencies hitting an all time high.
So what should be do to remain happy, calm while at the same thing capitalising and building upon the opportunities, which may be hidden but can provide some strong incentives in the long run?
The answer may sound a bit philosophical and theoretical and may not be the best provided solution to tackle our unconstructive behaviour as it is not meant to be. But the sole reason should be to awaken the inner conscience and the so called stoic conduct, which is to focus on the present and ignoring the past and future incidents in order to ease life.
Rather than worrying about the troublesome past or even the uncertain future the idea is to focus on the current time to reduce worry, stress and agonising ourselves.
So the idea is to go ahead without much thinking of boredom and laziness stopping us and also resulting in the overall negative clouding of the thought process. Breaking the status quo and breaking the clutches to enter the real competitive realm characterized by the cut throat competition amongst people possessing some desirable skills and traits in order to be the best. Even as it has been said that God helps those who help themselves.
The sole idea is to help yourself and to realise the same some days of solitude or deep introspection may be required and moreover it’s also about having a strong will power. It may some time but results do show up in a favourable way and moreover would help you.
The idea is also to infer from stoic and other prevalent philosophies and theoretical aspect of psychology to focus on the deeper meanings of life provided we don’t get lost in the same and to use it to our advantage.
So people get up. Nothing to think about and just act on something constructive bound to provide you with the certainity of fulfilment and content. Resulting in overall happiness, which indeed is the sole purpose of life.
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